The Band:

Jameson "Scrabble Johnson" Hannon

You build a time machine, you get in it, go back to 1969, run into Jerry Garcia, Jimi Hendrix and Duane Allman, you ask these gentlemen to name their influences, they give you two names: Jameson & Hannon. Oh yes. Then you get back in your time machine and come see Jameson play. He's gonna play for you and do you in your ears. That's how much he loves you.

Jon "Bobby D" Hamel

A lot of folks say to themselves, "Meh, how tough can the bass be. I can do that." No you can't. You can't do what Bobby D's doing. Picking it up and laying it down. Laying it down thick. It's like a warm, all-embracing sauce that Bobby gives you. Just take it and say "thank you." You're welcome.

Chris “Mitchy Mitchems” Mitchell

Oh the drums. Do it right and it's like you're dancing. Mitchy does it right. Like a captain on the helm, confident, in control, no squall he can't control. Just a steady slap against the bow. Perfect time all the time. All the dancin's on Mitchy. He cares about you as a person.